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72018RNase If-treated quantitative PCR for dsRNA quantitation of RNAi trait in genetically modified crops.
Wang, P. H. et al.
BMC Biotechnol.LINK
62017RNAi interference technology in crop protection against arthropod pests, pathogens and nematodes.
Zotti, M. et al.
Pest Manag Sci.LINK
52017Investigating engineered ribonucleoprotein particles to improve oral RNAi delivery in crop insect pests.
Gillet, F. X. et al
Front Physiol.LINK

White spot syndrome virus VP28 specific double-stranded RNA provides protection through

a highly focused siRNA population.

Nilsen, P., Karlsen, M., Sritunyalucksana, K. & Thitamadee, S
Sci. Rep.LINK

Larval application of sodium channel homologous dsRNA restores pyrethroid insecticide

susceptibility in a resistant adult mosquito population.

Bona, A. C. D. et al.
Parasit Vectors.LINK

RNAi Technology for Insect Management and Protection of Beneficial Insects from Diseases:

Lessons, Challenges and Risk Assessments.

Otti, M. J. Z. & Magghe, G. S.
Neotrop Entomol.LINK

RNA interference in Colorado potato beetle: steps toward development of dsRNA

as a commercial insecticide.

Palli, S. R.
Opin. Insect Sci.LINK



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