All dsRNAs supplied by AgroRNA have the following features.
  1. Proprietary dsRNA synthesis platform via in-vitro transcription enables dsRNA of 200 to 800 bp.
    The sequence of dsRNA may be from any organism and any sequence.
    Sequence greater than 800 bp may be synthesized after evaluation.
  2. All synthesized dsRNA sequence information will be regarded as confidential.
    NDA can be arranged as requested.
  3. The products are completely free from any living organisms such as genetically modified E. coli with expresses dsRNA.
  4. The product will be supplied with analysis data by an Agarose gel and Nanodrop.
  5. All supplied dsRNA will be pre-annealed as a duplex.
  6. dsRNA will be supplied without or with purification as shown in next section.
  7. RNA will be shipped at ambient temperature and can be stored at 4 oC (for less than a month) or -20 oC (for more than a month) upon receiving.

dsRNA grades from AgroRNA

  1. Shipping at ambient temperature and store at 4 oC (for less than a month) or -20 oC (for more than a month).
  2. There is variation for the supplied amount depends on the dsRNA size. Typically, less amount for shorter dsRNA.
dsRNA Storage
The RNA in the shipping and storage solution can be stored at ambient temperature for more than 3 months without any sign of degradation. The RNA can be further stored in -20 oC for an indefinite period.
dsRNA of 839 base in the storage solution was stored at 37 oC incubator.
The RNA was analyzed on 1 % agarose gel in the indicated day.