1. Please Fill out the attached order form (link) and send to AgroRNA through email(agrorna@genolution1.com) with a formal PO number and your Fedex account number.
  2. AgroRNA will deliver your dsRNA in 14-20 (less than 10 g) or 30 days (more than 10 g) after the order.
  3. The supplied dsRNA will be delivered with analysis data of agarose gel and Nanodrop.
  4. Based on the data, the exact size and purity of dsRNA product can be assured.
  5. Without supply of your Fedex account number, we will charge and add the appropriate shipping cost to your invoice.
*Payment is available by Paypal or TT.
Guaranteed amount of dsRNA*
Turn-around time
10 mg scale
More than 70 %
2-3 weeks
100 mg scale
More than 70 %
2-3 weeks
1 g scale
More than 70 %
2-3 weeks
10 g scale
More than 70 %
2-3 weeks
100 g scale
More than 50 %
1 month
1 Kg scale
More than 50 %
1~2 month
Special Partnership Program
  dsRNA Company has established a special strategic partnership program for dsRNA synthesis service to clients worldwide.
  In particular, this new program offers the service at special and competitive prices to our valued clients who want to establish a long-term preferred vendor contract with dsRNA Company.
  We are willing to work with you in a flexible manner within your budget to achieve your goals. With our solid growth and financial performance, dsRNA Company assures reliable and sustainable services.

For more information, please email us to agrorna@genolution1.com